About Us | HeloGreen


Based in San Jose, CA, HeloGreen is a Food Service and Disposable Supplies company that is committed to supplying environmentally friendly, green products to the food service professionals, and individual customers globally in helping the environment and the lives of others.


We carry premium quality green products that help your business reduce costs and waste on disposables.


We carry superior quality Eco-Friendly products that are either sustainable or recyclable ranging from take-out containers, plates, bowls, hot cups, cold cups, cutlery & utensils and more!


Our focus is to offer high-quality green disposable supplies yet cost-effective for your business. That is why we offer a selection of only superior Eco-Friendly, sustainable products in bulk or in smaller quantities that are best suited for your needs at competitive prices.

Feel free to message us about pricing and quantity that best fit your business model.