Eco-Friendly, Disposable To-Go Food Containers - (7

Eco-Friendly, Disposable To-Go Food Containers - (7" x 5", 1-compartment)

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Hot food Friendlycold food friendlymicrowave safegluten free
  • LEAK & SOAK RESISTANT No more worrying about wet food and liquids seeping through while on-the-go, staining your favorite pants and car seat! You can carry these containers anywhere, anytime, any place without any mess. HeloGreen containers easily hold moist & heavy foods, unlike most paper-based containers which leak and fall apart constantly. Spaghetti and meatballs won't be a problem! 
  • DURABLE & STURDY - HeloGreen food containers are made for durability and strength to preserve all kinds of food. Use them for hot lasagna, mac n'cheese, noodles, salads, or any food you like! 
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Our to-go containers are made with cornstarch, a renewable resource, and small percentage of PP#5, helping you reduce your carbon footprint with this proprietary additive! 
  • GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - An all-in-one solution perfect for meal prepping, storing leftovers, packing lunch, carrying take-out, or transporting food for parties, potlucks, buffets, and all events. 
  • NON-STICK SURFACE & PREMIUM QUALITY - Enjoy your meals without food sticking to the bottom of the containers due to its non-stick surface. Simply secure your food with a satisfying slit-in front closing mechanism. 
  • ELEGANT & VERSATILE DESIGN - Showcase your food in attractive, ivory-colored clamshell food containers designed for any occasion. 
  • MICROWAVE & FREEZER SAFE - Containers are great for heating food in the microwave without getting soggy and keeping food frozen in the freezer. They can withstand temperatures from -4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Made from 70% renewable resources.
  • Not compostable or recyclable
  • High heat resistant of 248° F
  • USDA and FDA approved


  • Reduces carbon footprint by using 70% renewable materials, instead of 100% virgin petroleum plastic.
  • A more sustainable option when municipal composting facilities are not yet available in your area.